Spring 2015 Afternoon Sessions

Are you looking for a way to extend your co-op day? If so, then think about staying for some of our afternoon enrichment classes. These are multi-age classes and the students have so much fun working together in these book and/or project-based classes. Nursery care will be available.

*Like morning classes, parents are expected to stay and participate. (Edited: you do NOT need to be enrolled in morning classes to participate in afternoon classes.)

12:45 – 1:15 Get Started in MineCraft (ages 8-12)
No cost.
Led by student Josh Heredia
This class will be an intro to Minecraft for those new to the program and a place to share your Minecraft worlds with others for those who are already advanced. Each student will need to download and install Minecraft on a laptop. No portable devices. (ie ipods, ipads, tablets etc)

1:15- 1:45 – Makey Makey Class (ages 8 +)
no cost
Led by student Clayton Wimmersberger
This exciting adventure will take you on a journey through the jungle of computer coding and the rain forest of engineering. We will combine those to navigate our way through some great projects that include musical fruit, melodic High Fives, and simple game programming.
Makey Makey kits are available online, though it is not required to have your own for this class.

1:45 – 2:15 Geography presentations – any age
no cost
Led by Carla Wimmersberger
For this half hour we take a journey to different parts of the world, while also learning many great presentation skills. Students pick a country and give a presentation on it. After each presentation fellow classmates give compliments and critiques for the presenter. Expectations for this class are based on age and experience. There are 1 or 2 presenters each week on a rotating basis.

2:15 – 2:45 Book Club (Ages 9 +)
no cost
Led By Carla Wimmersberger
We have chosen books from the Young Hoosier Book Award Nominees to read this year, this was a great way to ensure that all of our books would be available at the library to avoid having to purchase the books. We read a section of each book and come together to discuss. Each week each student should bring in 2 questions/comments that they have about the book. Some of our books have had online study guides that have been helpful in leading discussions as well.
So far this year we have read Shadow on the Mountain, Cardboard, and Lions of Little Rock.

We are reading Splendors and Glooms over break and will be discussing it on our first day back. Jan. 7th.

Followed by:
Bomb: The Race to Build – and Steal- the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon by Steve Sheinkin
A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz
We usually start with few chapters and see how the kids are doing with it. Some books just take longer to read than others, so we try and make a timeline for each book based on how the book is going for the kids. At the first class of next session, Jan. 7th, we will discuss what books we would like to add to the list for the year.

Have Questions? Please join us on our Facebook page (link in sidebar) and we’ll do our best to answer any question you may have……well, about co-op at least. 🙂