Class Descriptions

Co-op classes meet on Wednesdays during the semester in Broad Ripple. Each semester is made up of a number of five-week long sessions, usually two sessions in the fall and three in the spring semester. Sessions are separated by two-week intervals during which we don’t generally meet. These breaks are used to avoid conflict with holidays and also as a convenient time for scheduling optional age-appropriate field trips. Please refer to the Calendar for specific dates.

Each day of classes is separated into morning classes from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and afternoon classes from 1:00 pm – 3:15 pm. They’re separated by a 45-minute lunch from 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm, plus a 15-minute interval for parent clean-up while the kids have circle time elsewhere. Class fees are $30 per student in the morning and $20 per family in the afternoon.

For the class schedule charts below “Session” will be abbreviated “Ssn” for space constraints and theme labels highlighted in green. Themes are educational subjects which are studied from several different perspectives through different topics throughout the year. A different topic within the same theme for every session.

Morning Classes ($30 per student)

Morning class structure is designed to be more stable. The listed age ranges are mostly for new and prospective members to see which groups their children will be with. The groups themselves are stable and progress to more mature material as a group. For example, your son, who had been in the 3-4 age group, will not suddenly switch to learning with a new group of kids in the 5-6 range the next year after he turns 5. He will stay with the same group of kids who will all together become the 4-5 age group, then the 5-6 age group in time. Each age group has its own structure of different periods for the two-hours (10:00 am – 12:00pm) of morning classes, depending on what makes sense for what that group is studying this year.

Oak Saplings (0 – 2 Age Group):

The infants and toddlers group has the same schedule for every session of the whole year.

 30 min (10:00a – 10:30a)  First Years Art
 30 min (10:30a – 11:00a)  Baby Signs
 30 min (11:00a – 11:30a)  Snack
 30 min (11:30a – 12:00p)  Open Playtime

Maple Grove (3 – 4 Age Group):

 10 min (10:00a – 10:10a)  Warm Up Activity
 20 min (10:10a – 10:30a)  People You Should Know:

  • Ssn 3 – Women
  • Ssn 4 –
  • Ssn 5 – TBD
 30 min (10:30a – 11:00a)  Gross Motor Group Playtime
 20 min (11:00a – 11:20a)  Art/Craft Time
 10 min (11:20a – 11:30a)  Snack
 30 min (11:30a – 12:00p)  Stations

Willow Grove (5 – 6 Age Group):

 60 min (10:00a – 11:00a)  People You Should Know:

  • Ssn 3 – Athletes
  • Ssn 4 – Civil Rights/Black History
  • Ssn 5 – Yourself/Emotions
 20 min (11:00a – 11:20a) Yoga
 40 min (11:20a – 12:00p)  Stations

Tall Pines (7 – 8 Age Group):

 30 min (10:00a – 10:30a)  Circle Time / Introduce Topic of the Day
 60 min (10:30a – 11:30a)   Natural Science & Engineering:

  • Ssn 3 – Math games and Philosophy
  • Ssn 4 – Aquatic Biome – Shedd Aquarium
  • Ssn 5 – Aquatic Biome – Shedd Aquarium
 30 min (11:30a – 12:00p)  Yoga

Cedar Grove (9 – 10 Age Group):

 60 min (10:00a – 11:00a)  The Great State of Indiana:

  • Ssn 3 – Colonial Indiana
  • Ssn 4 – Indiana’s Industrial Revolution
  • Ssn 5 – Modern Indiana
 60 min (11:00a – 12:00p)  The Evolution of the Book:

  • Ssn 3 – Writing in Style
  • Ssn 4 – The Art of Illustration
  • Ssn 5 – Book Production

The Sycamores (11 – 12 Age Group):

 60 min (10:00a – 11:00a)  Fun With Storytelling:

  • Ssn 3 – Ballads & Bards
  • Ssn 4 – Poetry
  • Ssn 5 – Photography
 60 min (11:00a – 12:00p)  Mapping the World by Heart:

  • Ssn 3 – Drawing & Shading
  • Ssn 4 – Art Basics with Math
  • Ssn 5 – Mathematical Inking Patterns, Escher.

The Hickories (Teens Age Group):

 20 min (10:00a – 10:20a)  Current Events
 40 min (10:20a – 11:00a) Logical Fallacies
 60 min (11:00a – 12:00p)  Classical Logic/Critical Thinking:

  • Ssn 3 – Strategic Gaming
  • Ssn 4 – Finding Your Voice
  • Ssn 5 – TBD


Afternoon Classes ($20 per family)

Afternoon class structure is designed to be a bit more fluid.  Suggested ages  are marked but please take your child’s interest in mind when picking classes. Not every family chooses to stay for afternoon session after lunch, depending on the maturity of the children, nap schedules, and interest in the activities offered.

Some important notes about afternoon classes:

  • The afternoon for all ages is divided equally into three 45-minute periods. Most student will have a class during only the first two periods.
  • If you are choosing the Theater Arts.  You must do that for both afternoon class periods, from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm. It lasts all year long. Participation in theater may have some additional costs.  They will be determined as the play details get settled, but should be no more than $20 or $30 for props, costumes, puppets, etc.
  • Yearbook is also a year-long class. But it is not necessary for the student to attend both periods. Students may attend either period for yearbook, then choose something else to attend during the other period.
  • The last period from 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm is for student-lead classes only.  Mostly the 13+ age range.   Parents of younger children are welcome to stay and visit until 3:15 pm and also, help cleaning up after co-op is always appreciated.  But parents will be responsible for their own kiddos during this time.
  • We do have other spaces available in the church if anyone is interested in leading an afternoon class. We’d love your input and new ideas! Afternoon session class schedule is flexible to change and/or add new classes as needed/wanted.  These classes, as well as additional costs (if applicable) will be advertised on Facebook before the start of each session.
 Age 1:00 – 1:45 1:45 – 2:30 2:30 – 3:15
0 – 2 Nursery Nursery
2 – 5 Quiet Activity Boxes Wow & Why Science:
6 – 9 Tinkering & Making Physical Activities
6 & up Theater Arts (all year) Theater Arts (all year)
10 & up Yearbook (all year)


Social Topics:

  • Ssn 1 – Social Science
  • Ssn 2 – Elections
Yearbook (all year)


Board games



Book Club (alternating)


Computer Science (all year)


Updated: 01/01/17