Roots & Wings Indy Co-op meets at Broad Ripple United Methodist Church in the heart of Broad Ripple. We are honored to be guests of BRUMC. In order to maintain our excellent relationship with the church members and leaders, as well as to continue receiving a generous reduction in rent, we are committed to treating the facility with respect, which includes:

  • leaving the facility cleaner than we find it each week,
  • always cleaning up our own messes,
  • emptying trash cans in classrooms and taking trash to dumpster,
  • putting tables and chairs back where they were,
  • sweeping and vacuuming floors as needed,
  • wiping down tables as needed,
  • walking not running in the building,
  • using our indoor voices out of respect for church personnel who may be present,
  • volunteering our time for various work and charity projects throughout the year.

Everyone should have a copy of the BRUMC Building Values and Building Use Policies. If you have any questions regarding usage of the church, please contact the Church Liaison.

Updated: 06/19/17