Parent Job Descriptions

As with any Co-operative organization, every job within the co-op is filled by the donation of our precious time. Participation by all members is essential. An adult from each family is required to volunteer in some aspect before, during and after class time.

We have 3 main levels of volunteering within the co-op that need attention.

  1. Admin level – These are yearlong jobs that are volunteered for at the end of each year for the following year. Most of these jobs require the most attention in the summer planning process and then just need to be maintained throughout the year. This is the current Job Listing for the 2016-2017 year.
  2. Everyday level – These are the jobs that are done every week at co-op. The person in charge changes with each session. These are assigned at the beginning of each session based on availability as lead teachers change. You will typically be assigned in the classes that your kids are in. These include: Lead Teacher, Classroom Helper, Hall Monitor, Lunch Time Cleanup, Morning Session Cleanup, Afternoon Session Cleanup, and Classroom Floaters
  3. Extra Curricular – These are the activities that need attention outside of the regular co-op duties. This includes things like church volunteering, field trips, gathering supplies classroom supplies, etc. In order to maintain our great relationship with BRUMC and continue receiving their lower rent rate, we must complete several volunteer opportunities throughout the year. This includes helping with the church rummage sale, donating food to their food pantry, helping at church work days and helping mow the lawn in the summer.

Updated: 06/30/16