Teaching FAQ

Do I need to be a teacher/have teaching experience/have a teaching degree/etc.?

No, not at all.  Just a willingness to do the job.  Many times, it is easier to start off teaching with an “easy”, laid-back subject for your first time (eg. games or station-based classes).  That way, you can get to know the students and learn how to manage a class.  Sometimes it is helpful to watch a class or two and be an assistant in the class you are interested in teaching.

Do I get reimbursed for my expenses?  Do I get paid?

All of our teachers are parent volunteers, so we do not pay our teachers.  Teachers may get reimbursed for all expenses pertaining to the class.  A reimbursement form and receipts must be submitted to the treasurer.  The reimbursement form may be found on the Current Co-op Forms page of this website.

How do I know what to teach?

Most of our teachers will tell you to teach something that you like, something that you can share a talent, or something that you can have fun with.  We are an enrichment type of co-op and therefore pretty much anything goes, as long as it is age appropriate and does not contain religious content.  To get ideas, you can look at the Helpful Resources page of our website for past class offerings.  You can also visit websites that have co-op class ideas, such asSchool @ Home.  Think about why you want your child in these classes.  Often the reason is for them to have the ability to participate in groups or partner activities that they cannot get at home, or to interact with other students in a group setting.  It is great when classes can meet those needs, so try to aim for group or partner activities if possible.

Do I have to teach by myself?

No, parents often team up to teach classes.  You can co-teach or take turns.  You will also have a few assistants in the class to help with the activities, set up, and clean up.